EuTylia Dermoelasticizing Cream

Product description

Cosmetic cream with premium elastic and tightening properties. It hydrates and nourishes skin thanks to the specific functions of its ingredients separately and also their synergistic activity together. It deeply nourishes the skin maintaining elasticity and hydration, leaving a velvety feeling. Effective in treating particularly stressed zones (stomach, hips, thighs and breasts) and protecting against stretch marks and sagging skin. Particularly useful in the preparation for breast feeding and also contact dermatitis in children.

Components and their synergy

Argan oil, rich in fatty acids OMEGA 6 and tocoferol (vitamin E), is effective against skin ageing and the signs of time. It is quickly absorbed without greasiness, leaving skin soft and silky. Promotes the formation of collagen (an important constituent of cell membranes) and in combination with Vitamins A and E also combats free radicals.
Hyularonic acid and elastin contribute to the reactivation of tensile and elastic functions in relaxed and weakened skin.