EuTylia Intimate Soap

protection · relief · hydration

Recommended for use:

  • in gynaecology, for use in a delicate daily intimate hygiene routine
  • during pregnancy, post-partum and during the menstrual cycle. Acts on poorly lubricated vaginal mucous membranes that can be caused by the menopause, contraceptive pill, stress etc..
  • in paediatrics, gives relief in cases of perianal or gluteo-perineal localised dermatitis (napkin rash)

EuTylia Intimate Soap diluted in water or as it is on the palm of the hand, rinse thoroughly. In pediatrics, for a delicate cleansing, dilute the product in the bath water.

Rich with fatty acids OMEGA 6 and tocopherol (Vitamin E), ideal to hydrate and nourish.
To protect while respecting local flora of the skin.
To re-equilibrate and maintain the physiological pH.
An extract of chamomile with a soothing effect.
For a calming and delicate effect.

EuTylia is a liquid detergent with protective, soothing and hydrating properties. It is made from natural, nutritious components specially designed for the daily intimate hygiene of men and women.