EuTylia Multivitamin

During times of bad dietary habits, unhealthy life style or high physical or mental stress, the body can require extra additional vitamins and minerals.

A balanced diet is the basis of physical and psychological wellbeing: every day the body has to be supplied with nutritious substances that bring energy to the body (such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates). Nutritious substances are required by the body to provide vitamins and minerals, essential organic and inorganic substances which are responsible for almost all metabolic processes that humans cannot synthesize themselves. Therefore, these must be acquired through diet. EuTylia is a dietary supplement formulated specifically to provide the body with the nutrients required to support its normal daily functions, which is based on OMEGA 3, vitamins and minerals. More energy during the day thanks to the contribution of group B vitamins, Iron and Magnesium.

DHA (OMEGA 3): contributes to normal brain and visual functions and together with Folic Acid can be especially useful during pregnancy. Together with Zinc, these compounds contribute to the maintenance of normal visual capacity and a healthy immune system.

Along with B group vitamins, Magnesium is useful for reducing the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.