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Achieving Wellness with Natural Origin Products

EuTylia is a brand of the pharmaceutical company E.Vitalgroup srl and was born from the experience of the pharmacist Vito Esposito who decided to embark on a new adventure with his brother Stefano in 2011. Thanks to the passion and reliability, foundations of this entrepreneurial project, in a few years the brand has found its position in the Italian market. The organization and sponsorship of congresses, webinars and other events make EuTylia a point of reference for doctors and pharmacists from all over Italy, creating a solid network with companies, biologists and other professionals in the sector, always keeping the initial objective in focus: the well-being of people.

EuTylia deals with the development, production, scientific information and distribution of medical devices, parapharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Business growth is a team effort and there is no better team than one that recognizes diversity, willingness to listen and empathy as fundamental elements of cohesion and competitiveness. These are the principles on which EuTylia is based which allow, among other things, a gradual expansion on the foreign market with the sale of products and brand awareness thanks to participation in prestigious trade fairs, international congresses and collaborators in Europe and the Middle East.

In the first 10 years of its life, EuTylia launched 15 products on the Italian market and 6 on the foreign market. Most of the products are designed and manufactured for women’s health, to accompany and support her in all the most important moments of her life.

Benefitting and Improving Body Health through Knowledge

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